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Coolest Meditation Ever: Arctic 2020

Whether you believe climate change is man-made or driven by the forces of nature, it is downright stupid to ignore the earth’s polar ice caps are melting. Unless things change, millions of square miles of land will be submerged and countless species, perhaps even our own, will be rendered extinct.

What can we do? Well, a lot more that we think. The ET guides that the sent Coolest Meditation Ever’s founder Ken Sheet to Antarctica to meditate on the dawn of a new era of peace and prosperity are asking that he, along with his partner Elizabeth England, and other brave souls who believe in the power of meditation to affect our reality, travel to the other pole and perform meditations to halt the rapid warming.

Like Antarctica 2012 the 2020 trip to Arctic will be expensive and so we are announcing the project a year ahead of time. We will be running a crowd funder later this year, but if you’d like to be first donate we welcome your (non-tax deductible) early support. 

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Cool Tools 4 Personal Power (CTE) is the wind beneath’s (CME) planetary meditation work. CTE evolved directly from the love and support some of the conscious movement’s top wellness leaders. CTE now features over 40 health boosting technologies. Your CTW purchases fund our film and meditations around the world

CME has been blessed to receive the love and support other greats spirit scientists like Dr. Patrick Flanagan Jonathan Goldman, James Wanless PhD and our newest cool tool inventor Mark Langdon and his fabulous array of active EMF protectors. Here’s our 70 midocumentary about the 

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Learn how building Harpo Studios for Oprah Winfrey led Ken Sheetz on the path to becoming a conscious filmmaker and ultimately to Antarctica. There, amidst the penguins and ET energies, Ken would plant 24 seeds for fundamental change into the collective consciousness of our blue world.

5 years in the making THE COOLEST MEDITATION EVER: ANTARCTICA 12.12.12 is now touring theaters now across the US Southwest on the Movie and a Meditation tour.  Can’t make the tour dates to see the film at a theater near you?  Watch online HERE. Save 50% with promo code: ohom.


Hey, if Ken and Elizabeth can wake up to higher consciousness maybe our planet can, too!
Ken Sheetz

Ken Sheetz


Ken Sheetz walked away from a successful career in Chicago real estate, building a skyscraper and Oprah’s first studio Harpo Studios, to pursue his passion for filmmaking.  Two decades in ‘Hollywoodland’ have produced over 400 films—a serious track record for a funny guy.  In 2010, Ken began Dreamshield Planetary Meditations leading to The Coolest Meditation Ever conscious film and events projects for quantum planetary healing.

Elizabeth England

Elizabeth England


Elizabeth England co-produces and co-hosts the Coolest Meditation Ever film projects, advocating meditation for its positive effects on planetary coherence and propagating peace. A techno-geek with years of experience crowdfunding film projects on IndieGoGo through From the Heart Productions, her mad skills are a boon to the Coolest Meditation Ever.

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